Sinks + Showers

Aesthetics and functionality are not exclusive; they come hand in hand in this industry, especially when finishing sinks and showers' jobs. This is the reason why you need to rely on experts. If you are looking for the most reliable sink installation services and shower repair in Cumming, you don't need to keep searching.  Innovative and Plumbing Construction is your complete plumber for residential and commercial properties in Cumming, GA. Our coverage ranges from fixing a simple leak to a complete system repair. 

Our personalized service will bring life to your dream bathroom. And part of our service is to provide the best cost-effective option for you, giving advice about repairs and replacements, based on our expertise. Give us a call and contact experts in the plumbing field!


Our Services

When it comes to installation and repair services, we are the most skilled agency in Forsyth County. Our expert team will repair or recommend a replacement that meets your vision, space, and budget.

Sink Installation Services in Cumming, GA

A team of licensed plumbers will provide unmatched sink installation service, making sure to follow the right process and using top-grade materials. We guarantee the use of the best quality supplies and professional tools for our projects.

Shower Repair in Cumming, GA

Having issues with the shower is one of the most common nuisances. We take care of leaks, blockages, water pressure; you name it.

Sinks & Shower Finishings

If your goal is to upgrade and remodel your bathroom, we got you covered. We will provide the most effective service, and you will take pride in how alluring your bathroom is. New fixtures will increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and the value of the property. Our team of professionals will work to repair or refinish your fixtures and fittings.

Innovative Plumbing and Construction - Expert Plumbers

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, Innovative Plumbing and Construction has delivered a complete service while working with our customers to make their dream kitchen and bathroom a reality. We intend to create the ideal interior fulfilling your needs, materializing your dream bathroom. Make an appointment with the most skilled company in Cumming, GA.

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